7 Easy Tips to Improve Your Dog's Well-Being

Increase your dog’s lifespan with these simple tips!

Our dogs are our best friends, always there through thick and thin, so it’s only fair that we care for them as best as we can. Even the thought of living without your fluffy best friend can be heart wrenching. 

As part of the GoogiPet family, we all have the duty to give our dogs the healthiest, most high-quality, longest life possible. So, we're always on the prowl for new information or tips to increase your dog’s health and wellbeing. Below you’ll find some tips and info you can apply RIGHT NOW to prolong your dog’s lifespan!


  1. EXERCISE Your Dog! - This one’s a no brainer, but one many tend to overlook. It’s one of the most important things you can do to keep your dog in shape, and keep their heart and muscles strong. Walking your dog is a way of providing mental and physical stimulation. Studies suggest shorter, more frequent walks are better than longer, infrequent walks. Strive for 2 walks a day, but we know you’re busy so one is better than none. 
  2. Pick HEALTHY Food and Treats! - 85% of dog food and treats possess fillers such as wheat, GMOs, and Sugar, which can be detrimental to your dog’s health and wellbeing. These cause cancer, inflammation, and even allergies. Always read the label before giving anything to your dog. Our products only contain ingredients that are beneficial for your dog. 
  3. DON’T OVERFEED! - The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention reports that a staggering 54 percent of dogs in the United States are considered overweight or obese. Consumption of too much dog food or treats may lead to obesity, so it's important to know your pet's eating habits are keeping him healthy. The best way to figure out how much to feed your dog is to talk with your veterinarian. Before your next appointment, measure the average serving size of your wet or dry food and mark down how often (and at what times) your dog eats.
  4. ENGAGE their Mind! - Keep your dog busy, play with them as often as possible, let them roam around outside, take them to dog parks to socialize. Bored dogs are trouble, they might tear up your furniture or shoes, or even become depressed if you don’t give them enough attention. Keep them engaged with training, walking, and just simply playing with them. 
  5. Brush their Teeth! - Many times overlooked by owners, dental hygiene is crucial for the overall health of your pup! Poor dental hygiene is linked to periodontal disease which can lead to heart disease and organ damage in dogs. Make sure to use pet-safe toothpaste and choosing a flavor your dog likes will help tenfold. 
  6. Consider Preventative Care - Have your veterinarian look at your dog at least twice a year. Be proactive and supplement your dog’s diet with important nutrients their food is missing such as vitamins, hemp, collagen, glucosamine, and probiotics. Take a look at our line of pet supplements to meet these dietary needs. Insert 10% coupon code
  7. Monitor any Injuries - If you saw your dog got hurt, or shows any signs of pain, limping, or discomfort don’t just let the injury heal on its own; consult a veterinarian. For example, an untreated joint injury can lead to long term damage, chronic pain, and immobility. Take a preventative approach with our hip and joint supplements!

Do you know of any tips that we missed out on? If so, we're always open to suggestions and we’d love to share with our readers. 

Thanks again for your support of GoogiPet and your commitment to keeping your dog in good-health. As always, thanks for reading and we appreciate you! 


Michael | GoogiPet CoFounder