7 Health Benefits Our Supplements Provide!

Most people consider daily vitamins to be a crucial part of their family's balanced health. Well, it's no different when it comes to your furry best friend! Their food alone might not cover all your dog's health requirements, and supplements can help provide any missing links in their diet. Below we will cover 7 health benefits our supplements provide!

1. Provide Essential Nutrients

Although big pet food brands claim to meet every part of your dog's dietary needs, they're lacking in terms of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. While fats and carbohydrates are normally part of most dog foods, they can be lost during the heating or cooking process. For our supplements, the ingredients are mended using a no-heat cooking process that allows for all the healthy vitamins and minerals to shine through to the final product. 

Many veterinarians recommend supplementing your dog's diet to boost both the efficiency of your dog's food and satisfy any missing nutrients! However, you must be careful not to overload your pet with unnecessary ingredients. The ingredients for our supplements were carefully chosen over many years of research, as well as, trial and error. If you follow the dosages correctly, you'll perfectly complement your dog's diet 

2. Boost Their Immune System

A strong, formidable immune system reduces your dog's risk of heart disease, inflammation, cancers, osteoarthritis, and diabetes. A dog’s body will automatically regulate cells to make sure they’re working properly, while eliminating potentially harmful pathogens before they become a problem. But even a minor interruption in that natural process can open the door to a plethora of health problems. 

Supplements can help make sure the immune system remains uncompromised and alert to attacks. Along with a balanced diet and regular exercise, our supplements will increase your dog's ability to fight illness throughout their life.

3. Help Your Dog Absorb Nutrients

Most dog foods don't help to improve chronically low absorption rates of vital compounds. The soft chew supplements go directly into your dog's digestive system allowing them to absorb all the important vitamins and nutrients that are packed into them. Important supplements like glucosamine and turmeric improving joint health and vitamins A through E which are vital for quality health.

4. Improve Skin and Coat

Skin irritation and hair loss can be a chronic, distressing problem for many dogs. While this can be caused by many external factors, a coat-specific supplement can prevent this issue before it happens. Be on the lookout for our skin and coat supplement coming on the horizon. In the meantime, our 10 in 1 multivitamin can also address this health concern. 

Our supplements include krill oil, biotin, and amino acids can replenish the vital systems that fight common problems such as:

  • Bacterial infections 
  • Dry, itchy skin
  • Fungal infections
  • Lice, fleas, and ticks 
  • Excessive shedding 
  • Environmental allergies 

5. Promote and Maintain Healthy Digestion

Probiotics are a beneficial type of bacteria that live in the digestive tract of all living beings. Probiotics carefully monitor the growth of harmful bacteria and balances everything from our dog's mood to their bowel movements.

Dogs that are fed probiotics (included in our supplements) are far less likely to suffer from diarrhea or upset stomach caused by the overgrowth of bad bacteria. It can even improve bad breath, improve water absorption, and correct irritable bowel disorders. 

6. Gracefully Age

As your dog ages and their lifestyle and needs change, so should their supplements. We are currently working on a joint and hip supplement for mature dogs. It's important to have different supplements for different age groups. For example, puppies need more help with cognitive development, growth, and maintaining consistent energy levels, while a senior dog demands full body restoration, inflammation relief, and help with maintaining joint health. For the in-between stage, adult dogs need to be able to recharge and recover properly. 

The goal of our senior mobility supplement is to assist senior dogs with joint problems, improving their mobility, thus increasing their activity level, further improving their overall health. 

7. Improve Cognitive Development

Feeding your dog a nutritional supplement can improve their cognitive function over time. Our 10 in 1 supplement does just that because it includes ingredients such as Vitamin E and Vitamin C which are proven to make a long-term difference in overall brain plasticity and health.

This combined with other mental stimulation such as walks, playing, and just letting your dog roam outside can significantly slow cognitive aging, keeping your dog mentally and physically healthy throughout every stage of their life. 


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