How Probiotics Can Benefit Your Dog

Before we can talk about the benefits of probiotics for your pet, we’d like to break down what a probiotic is, how it can help dogs, and why you should be adding it to your pets routine. 

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are microorganisms that are introduced into the body to benefit the body or gain beneficial qualities. What probiotics means for dogs specifically refers to beneficial or “friendly” gut-dwelling microbes (bacteria and yeasts). There are billions of them in the gastrointestinal system of all animals, and they aid in the digestion of food, fight off potential pathogens, make nutrients and vitamins, and bolster the immune system.

What type of dogs should be taking probiotics?

Dogs that can benefit from probiotics are dogs that struggle with digestive problems like gas or diarrhea or dogs with a weak immune system that get sick easily or often. Not only are probiotics beneficial for the digestive system of your pet but can be beneficial for the wellbeing and general health of your dog.

Why should I give my pet probiotics? 

If your pet suffers from digestive issues probiotics can help relieve your pets discomfort. Probiotics can benefit dogs who also get sick often. But pets who don’t have digestive problems or get sick often  can take probiotics too! Adding probiotics to your pet’s routine has proven to improve their overall mood, fur, skin, and coat appearance, and helps reduce bad breath. Probiotics improve the general health of your pet and can prevent future digestive problems as your pet grows older! 

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