Pumpkin: Super Food for your Dog!

When giving your pet something off your plate, you often wonder, "what effect will this have on my dog?" Or "can my dog eat this?"

If you’ve ever wondered “can I give my dog pumpkin or is it okay for them to eat the seeds”? The short answer is yes and yes! But did you know that Pumpkin is actually a super food for your dog? 

How Can Pumpkins Benefit My Dog?

Pumpkin is actually a excellent source of fiber and has been proven to be extremely helpful for digestion. It’s low in calories and is a great source of Vitamin A and potassium.

The Merck Veterinary Manual states that adding 1-to-4 tablespoons of pumpkin per meal can help ease mild constipation in dogs. It also helps relieve your pet of diarrhea as well. 

Dogs can even eat the pumpkin seeds! Pumpkin seeds contain antioxidants which overall are benefits for your pets health. 

Making Pumpkin a superfood for your pet!

How Much Pumpkin Can My Dog Eat?

Pumpkin is rich in fiber, so in order not to over do it we recommend easing into 1-4 tablespoons to your dogs meal. Start off with small quantities and you can increase over time. Each pet is different so definitely consult with your vet to see how much they recommend.

In What Form Can My Dog Eat Pumpkins?

As easy it may be for your pet to eat a small gore or pumpkin, it is not recommended for dogs to eat the pumpkin raw.
Canned Pumpkin (make sure it’s not canned pumpkin pie mix) is easy to prepare and can serve as a replacement or side for Kibble or even a treat!

Freshly cooked pumpkins are great too, to include the seeds for the extra benefit.

Finally, your dog can benefit from the nutrition and multiple benefits of pumpkin from a supplement or vitamin. Our 10 in 1 vitamin contains pumpkin and reaps all the benefits as adding pumpkin to your dogs diet and more!